Re-IGNITE Pentecost Ministries ("RPM")

"Re-igniting Pentecost in the church."

Re-Ignite Pentecost Ministries ("RPM") is an evangelistic ministry founded by Bishop Donald H. Butler where our mission is to re-ignite Pentecost in the church. Founded on December 15, 2014, Bishop Butler carries the heavy mantel to bring life to the church through sound teaching, instruction, preaching and prayer.  

The RPM Team is a five-fold ministry team of proven, chosen men and women of integrity who dedicate their lives to fulfilling the RPM mission.  As a team ministry we hold each other accountable to living a standard of holiness and sanctification in accordance with God's Holy Scriptures.

The RPM Team accomplishes its mission through four facets of ministry: 1) The Prayer Wall, 2) The Prayer Wall Revival, 3) RPM Revival and 4) RPM Teaching and Instruction Camps.  For more information concerning RPM please Contact our ministry office.

RPM is solely supported by the generous donation of sponsors and contributors who believe in the RPM mission.

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